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Compatability Worries

To continue my musings on the prospect of founding an open-canon story: yes, it is an exhilarating fantasy, but how feasible is it?

How would I find any collaborators, even to begin with, who are enough in sympathy with my particular fictional preferences to both understand and care about my stories? Because my preferences---for what fiction is, for how it works, for what purpose it serves---are very particular, and so much of the thought underlying my fiction goes towards catering to them that I can hardly imagine anyone who doesn't share those preferences being much invested in my work. For example, I prefer neither realism nor fantasy. I prefer neither escapism (unless it really is me who can escape---really escape) nor resignation to dwell upon the mundane drudgery that I already face every goddamn day. Many of my characters are highly intellectual and imaginative, but there are certain intelligence/hyper-competence tropes that I despise: I don't want to write about geniuses and superheros and magical chosen ones who are primarily remarkable in contrast to the unremarkable masses. What of those who are truly unique, fantastical, imaginative individuals---who are, upon close examination, souls worthy of fictional glorification---but who can't or just don't do anything easily remarkable in their mundane lives? I want the thrill of high fantasy/adventure without the severance from an accessible reality. I want magic to be real. This is what my fiction strives to do for me---it is an ongoing incantation, a summons, an intentional blurring of gap between imagination and reality. It addresses a particular need, and the answer I have found is very particular to me. How dare I presume that I have touched upon anything remotely useful or interesting to others? And if a person doesn't share my same desperate, pathetic need---not to escape reality, but to infuse it through and through with ghosts and fictions---then what do any of my imaginings have to offer them? How can I possibly set about finding enough people interested in this project to make it a collective undertaking?

But perhaps I dwell too intensely upon this aspect of my fiction. There are probably all manner of feasibility problems that might prove more problematic than this. Several of my friends have in fact expressed interest in my stories, and while I have no idea how much they care about or grasp my methodology and intent as described above, I would guess that they can hardly have done so to any great extent, given the patchwork scarcity and imperfection of the few fragments I've posted. Perhaps my stories could be interesting for all number of reasons---just for characters or world, say. Or perhaps I should just focus on producing a substantial quantity of material before I wander off worrying about whether anyone will be compatible with it. No way to know until I try, after all.